Pre-marital guidance & intention-Setting

A modern take on pre-marital counseling.

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In the modern world, marriage means something very different than what it did less than a century ago when people got engaged within 3-6 months after meeting and falling in love. Traditional pre-marital counseling follows from the old timeline of marriage engagements; serving the moment when couples first decide to be in a committed relationship with each other. These days, that moment is marked by a decision to “make it official,” and it’s much more common for people to receive that “counseling” from close friends. Formal engagement & marriage proposal often follows some months or years later, after the initial phase of adjustment to being in a committed relationship has passed.

As you approach your wedding day, there’s an entirely new set of questions to ask yourselves as you prepare to formalize your commitment to each other in a way that’s more public (and legal) than it has ever been before. The pre-marital work we will do together is less problem-oriented than traditional counseling, and rather will help you be deliberate and mindful as you set intentions for this next chapter of your relationship together. We’ll spend time reflecting on what you’ve already experienced together, problem-solving the challenges you’re currently facing, and dreaming together about what you want to manifest in your future.

Honored to guide couples of all genders and sexual orientations.


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