Guidance for Ethical Non-Monogamy

How to open up your relationship, avoid the pitfalls of polyamory, and experience an exponentially richer level of connection and possibility in your partnership and beyond.


Curious about non-monogamy, or polyamory? Maybe you’ve been in a committed relationship or marriage for a while already and find yourself intrigued by popular articles like these, or maybe you and your partner have already started exploring. Or, maybe you’ve already been in a non-monogamous relationship for a while, and are currently facing a complicated situation involving multiple partners that needs mediation; or guidance on how to redefine certain relationships.

Whatever your entree to non-monogamy, your most important task is to ensure that you set up your polyamorous relationship(s) in a way that is ethical. Humans are complex beings with many different needs, and putting pressure on one person to fulfill them all is a recipe for disaster. However, embarking on a journey with multiple concurrent romantic relationships can be equally disastrous without the appropriate groundwork and common understandings in place.

My guidance is grounded in a practical (and radical) communication approach. I believe that choosing to live intentionally and authentically is ultimately more interesting than whether you choose to have multiple partners. Consciously constructing your relationship is what will make the critical difference for ease, joy and pleasure if you do choose non-monogamy.