Emore C.

Wedding Planner



“Jennifer is handsdown one of the best officiants i've had the pleasure of working with. My client hired her for an April 2019 wedding ceremony and Jennifer knocked out the park. She truly captured the audience's attention - bringing light to the couple's love for each other - through interactive vows. Guests had never seen a more well thought out ceremony. Jennifer is super easy to work with and responsive. She's also warm, friendly and flexible - offering each client a truly custom ceremony. Highly recommend.”

Candy C.



“From the moment I saw the name of this vendor I knew I wanted them to be a part of my ceremony. Then we met Jennifer, the person behind this great company name and it just confirmed what I already felt in my heart. She would be the one who would guide us through our journey to being legally bound.

Jennifer was determined to get to know us; she learned our story. Making sure to delve deeply into who we were and how we became who we were. She took all of this gathered information and created what is being called by our guests the most genuinely organic wedding experience that they've ever been a part of. Our guests have sent us thank you notes saying things such as "your ceremony made us want to be better", "best wedding I've ever attended" and "we left thinking how we could love one another more".

We told Jennifer that we wanted to fill the space with love and make our guests feel love at every turn. She delivered! Our ceremony was filled with the most thoughtful and loved-filled rituals and sentiments that we will cherish forever.

If you are looking for someone who will take their time to create for you an experience that embodies what love is meant to feel like, Jennifer is your person!”

Jean H.

Grandmother of the Groom



“Jennifer Nicolaisen recently was the officiant at my grandson’s wedding at My Beloved Homewood in Asheville, NC. This letter is to show our appreciation for the wonderful ceremony she provided my grandson and his new wife. They were able to meet with Jennifer prior to the service and she added their heartfelt dedication to their family as well as those no longer with us.

Jaclyn’s father has passed and they wanted to make sure he was included in the service in a memorable way. Dylan as well was very close to his two grandparents who are also no longer with us and Jennifer prepared a beautiful prayer to them. The couple’s two year old daughter was also included in the service and the marriage ceremony was everything Jaclyn and Dylan wanted. They were thrilled and felt she spoke for them perfectly. We especially loved the promises “box” filled with suggestions to help their marriage grow in a positive way.

Everyone commented on the beautiful job she did. We highly recommend Jennifer to any couple looking for a thoughtful and sincere nuptial presentation.”

Natasha R.



“Jennifer is a beautiful person. Inside and out. She made our wedding planning/wedding day everything we could of dreamt. She’s so calm and relaxing. Being in her presence really brought my husband and I to a place of unimaginable love throughout the chaos that a wedding brings. 

We not only had the perfect woman to marry us. But we gained a great friend in the process. 

I would recommend Jennifer time and time again! ♥️”

Daniela M.



“We absolutely loved having Jennifer begin our newest chapter of our lives. She is such a pleasure to work with! We are not very religious people, but our families are. She did a beautiful job blending of all cultures and beliefs. I highly recommend her for any occasion that you may need her for. Thank you again Jennifer, for making us feel so special. <3”

Mollie F.



“When it came to planning my wedding, the most important thing to me was having a ceremony that was personal to us as a couple, and Jennifer did just that. From the beginning, Jennifer provided a sense of calm and assurance that made me feel grounded when things were chaotic in planning. She took the time to really get to know my Husband and I, and made a point to find out exactly what was important to us to have in our ceremony. This included tying in Judaic and Christian elements as well as having a memorial moment for my mom, all of which was done beautifully. We received so many comments after about how touching it was, and how it was unlike any other ceremony they had ever been to. Thank you Jennifer for making this moment so wonderful for us!”

Lindsay S.



“Jennifer is absolutely amazing! She invited us into her home for our grounding sessions and created an environment for my husband and I to really relax and create a radically authentic experience. Jennifer taught us how to communicate as a couple, provided us with tools that were unique to us and most of all created the most memorable ceremony. Many of our family members including our photographer said "WOW, what a beautiful ceremony, so unique, and heartfelt, I have never seen anything like it before"! I cant say enough about Jennifer, she truly goes above and beyond. I took her up on her offer to reach out if I needed to redirect my thoughts. I was having a Bridezilla moment and texted her, then poof... she had the perfect response that calmed me in seconds (my husband loved that) and like magic my stress level returned back to normal. I could go on and on about our experience with Jennifer, hands down she is AMAZING and you will fall in love with her just like we did.”

Rachael L.



“Jennifer helped us achieve the mindful, present, happy and emotional wedding ceremony we dreaming of. She really takes the time to get to know you as a couple and to see your vision for your wedding ceremony. She is extremely sensitive and considerate to individual religions, lifestyles, visions or opinions. Beyond that she offers a wonderful experience of bonding as a couple before you commit your life to each other which is so important before your wedding day. This can be as extensive as you prefer as there are several sessions you can choose from if desired. As far as the ceremony, it really focuses on two unique people while still honoring traditions as the couple wishes. She is very flexible with her planning, but still takes the wheel to take the stress off of the couple. Our guests absolutely loved our ceremony and it really set the tone for so much love and gratitude throughout the rest of the wedding day.”

Gabrielle G.



“‘That was the most beautiful wedding ceremony I’ve ever witnessed!’ – This is what we heard from multiple guests at our intimate, DC wedding that Jennifer officiated. After working closely with her for nearly a year on crafting a ceremony that was mindful, emotional, and uniquely us, she delivered a beautiful script that felt fully representative of the relationship we have built. She was very communicative and thoughtful and even coordinated with us while we were in a long distance relationship across two continents. The ceremony itself was wonderfully and meticulously delivered, keeping everyone, including us, present and mindful and breathing (a true task when emotions are high). As a same-sex couple, we truly appreciated her sensitivity and understanding, as well as her willingness to break traditions and bring in aspects of other cultures, religions, and ideals into our ceremony. The attention, intention, and care that was put in helped create a moment that we and our guests will never forget. Jennifer went above and beyond and is now someone we consider a dear friend.”


Friend of the bride


“I am so upset that I did not get the chance to personally thank Jennifer for such an amazing ceremony. She truly executed a beautiful ceremony that encompassed all of Gabrielle and Sarah’s intentions/wishes when it came to their ideal wedding. You, Jennifer, have such a way with words and bringing a room together, I’m still in awe! I really hope I get to see you again to be able to thank you in person!

Ps. If you coordinate/host any other events I will literally pay to just sit in the back and creep from afar LOL.”

Rebecca D.



“Jennifer was absolutely wonderful. We adored everything about the ceremony she put together. It felt totally customized to us. We were completely surprised by everything she said but it was absolutely perfect. It couldn't have been better. I felt so privileged to work with her. She provided us with so many moments for getting grounded and finding our breath. Every person at the wedding said they loved the ceremony, that it was the best they had ever heard. Even people who said that ceremonies are usually their least favorite part loved her work. We cried so many times at the sweet, beautiful things she said about us, just based on a few short conversations. She got to know us so well it was amazing! Now we have a wonderful promises box and a beautiful wine glass to remember our wedding. She incorporates so many special touches and rituals into the wedding that it will feel totally unique. She is also the utmost professional, great at communication, patient, kind, and generous. Thank you, Jennifer!”

Miranda C.



“Jennifer was absolutely amazing during our planning, pre-ceremony, and ceremony. She had a desire to learn more about us as individuals and as a couple, and the exercises that she walked us through really helped us all connect prior to the wedding. We LOVED our grounding ceremony that we did with her a few days before and it helped us be mindful before the weekend and helped alleviate any worries. The ceremony itself was beautifully customized and thoughtful. Jennifer used the exercises that we previously to sculpt a script that was a perfect blending of our two personalities, intentions, and desires for what we want to be true in our marriage. We received so many compliments specifically on the ceremony! I would highly recommend working with Jennifer from How to Human Better!”

Donald C.



“In the ceremony Jennifer captured the Authenticity of who we are. Highlighting us as a couple and really making it fun for everyone attending! We are very thankful for the guidance, grounding, and intention setting before hand. We are start off our journey with a tremendous foundation of understanding and trust. We grew as people through this experience with Jennifer and are thankful to be forever tied to her in this way!”

Jessica C.



“There are no words for how grateful we are to have found and worked with Jennifer! She is truly amazing and very detail oriented - getting to know us both so that not only could the pre-ceremony partnership be very tailored, but also making our ceremony really come alive and be unique and special for me and my (now) husband. Honestly, we loved the pre-ceremony partnership WAY more than we thought we would. It was a great way to begin our journey together and be more intentional in our relationship and marriage. And as for the wedding, it was perfect and custom to us. We've gotten so many compliments from our guests that our ceremony was the *most* personal, special and fun wedding they'd ever been to. In short, I can't recommend Jennifer and How to Human Better enough.”

Geoffrey M.


“Jen was the perfect officiant for our ceremony. She was very professional, inspiring, and genuinely cared about the lifelong bond my wife and I decided to create that day.”

Susana G.



“‘The best wedding ceremony I ever witnessed.’ Which was one of the few of the many compliments I received about Jennifer's service. She is exactly what we were looking for. My husband and I aren't that religious however my parents were so she gave us a good blend of the two. The Christian base my parents wanted and the unique, spiritual and meaningful one we were looking for. I mean she even personalized it by talking about my husband and I love for asian food and dark humor! She truly is gifted in bringing people together and gave such a meaningful service that her wise words will be forever remembered. If anyone is looking for someone to truly personalize their ceremony and make it their own Jennifer is the person for you! Jennifer was the best person for us and we will be forever thankful for her wise and carefully crafted words for us. Thank you again!”

Pamela L.



“Words will never be adequate to express our love and gratitude to Jennifer for creating and officiating our wedding ceremony. She worked with us to get to know us and craft a beautiful ceremony that exceeded our dreams and expectations. Jennifer was able to communicate our intentions towards each other as well as the love we share with each other better than we could have! Our guests are still raving about Jennifer and the ceremony and how much they loved how the traditional was weaved into personal and not so traditional vows. Most of our guests believed that Jennifer was an old friend of ours - that's how comfortable and knowing she has become to us. She will be a lifelong friend of ours, also! Don't hesitate to have her officiate your wedding, she is a true gem!”

Nidhi T.



“Jennifer was the perfect officiant for our non-religious wedding and I'd recommend her to anyone looking for a genuine, unique ceremony! First off, she is one of the kindest people my husband and I have met, and she was such a grounding force throughout our wedding process. She has a laid back energy, but she is super organized and helps to ensure that you're present and intentional in your vow creating process. The promises box that she creates is individualized and based off of the promises that you and your partner make to one another in the days before the wedding. It was an amazing keep sake, and she put so much effort into writing each promise onto a plaque. She also incorporated a hand fasting ritual for us, and everyone who attended our wedding spoke specifically to the emotion conveyed through Jennifer's expertly written words. I had a moment of major disappointment on my wedding day, and Jennifer was right there offering a listening ear and helping to ground me with the calming energy of her singing bowl. She has the highest of recommendations from us, and I urge you to consider having her as your officiant too!”

Michelle A.



“I can't say enough good things about our experiences with Jennifer, so much so that I do not know where to start. Jennifer was the first and last officiant we met with, and there was a reason for that. She was so kind and sweet from the moment we met her and she instantly understood our relationship and quickly got a sense of who we were as a couple. She took our vision for our ceremony and made it even better than I could have imagined. She added in religious moments, but kept it light hearted and focused on our relationship. She helped create a beautiful memorial section for lost loved ones that could not be present with us, which meant so much to us. There were little details and remarks during the ceremony that really showed that she took the time to know us, and what we wanted in a ceremony. Everything Jennifer did was heartfelt and her sincere personality was loved by everyone. The promises section that Jennifer does was so special and is a memory I know I will cherish forever. It was so fun and eye opening to work on your promises to each other. It made us discuss and appreciate our relationship more than ever before in the months/weeks leading up to our ceremony. You cannot go wrong with hiring Jennifer, I would recommend her over and over again. Thank you Jennifer for the beautiful memories we'll cherish forever.”

Julie D.


“Jennifer was truly the best choice we could have made. We invited her into our home and she performed a very intimate ceremony for my husband and our closest friends and family. Our guests were pleased with her technique and said we had made the perfect choice. I would highly recommend Jennifer as I could not have chosen someone better and helped make us feel more connected to each other. Jennifer was extremely flexible and kind and had a very loving disposition. I hope to see her again and recommend anyone to her and her services. She is a sweet soul!”

Dorothy E.


“She got to know myself and my fiancé as whom we are. She exactly knew how to incorporate us into our ceremony. From the remembrance of my stepfather to our unity candle and including everyone in our ceremony. She made everyone feel welcome and apart of the ceremony. Everyone enjoyed it.”

Chastity M.


“Jennifer is a wonderful, amazing, beautiful and unique Officiant. We requested a nonreligious, nondenominational ceremony. It was very short notice but she took the time to meet with us, and keep constant communication. She asked us very thought provoking questions that really spoke to us as individuals and then as a couple. The ceremony she performed was extremely intimate and very personal. She spoke about everything we had talked to her about in the weeks prior to the ceremony. Even though all her words were scripted she spoke them with such ease and conviction; making everyone in the ceremony feel her words too. There was not a dry eye in that room!! We wanted a small intimate ceremony and thats exactly what she gave us. She was more than our Officiant, she felt like a friend and family member. Multiple people asked if she really was!? That's how great and amazing she is!”

Kyla T.



“When you pick someone to officiate your wedding, their words will impact the entire mood of the room. Jennifer uses her words impeccably and puts true meaning behind each one. She is an amazing woman. Jennifer crafted a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony filled with laughs, tears, hope, and of course all the love I could ever imagine. You will be so happy with her as your officiant. I couldn't praise her more. She is the best!”