Honor important relationships with ceremony.


Release the power of intention and commitment in any relationship, friendship or partnership.

When a traditional wedding isn’t the right way to celebrate your commitment to the person, or people, who you love, we can work together to design something uniquely sacred for this particular bond. You may be searching for the right way to celebrate a committed non-monogamous relationship, or a relationship that’s deeply important to you in addition to others in your life, or a non-traditional relationship that honors something deeply personal. There are no rules here, and no traditions to follow - which, while liberating, can also be difficult to navigate. It would be my honor to work personally with you and your partner/partners to design and guide a ceremony that expresses exactly what’s most important to your heart and principles.

Services include:

  • Custom ceremony and/or ritual design

  • Personalized ceremony script
    *Required in-person meeting prior to wedding day

  • Pre-ceremony guidance and intention-setting sessions

  • Pre-ceremony grounding session

  • Custom vow development and “Promises Box”

Honored to design and guide non-religious, religious, & interfaith ceremonies for couples of all genders and sexual orientations.