Use ceremony to mark the highlights of your life.

Life’s most sacred moments deserve a pause, reflection, and witnessed commitments before family and friends.

Ceremony is a crucial part of being human. It’s a way of pausing at a milestone, becoming present, noticing everything that has happened and deciding what you want to happen going forward. It’s about being intentional and choosing the story you want to tell with your life, with your partner, with your family. Whether you need a ceremony that welcomes a new life, supports the transition of death, celebrates a major life transition, or integrates sacred wisdom from a holotropic or entheogenic journey, I’d be honored to guide you.  


● Baby christening or naming ceremony ● Funerals and celebrations of life ● Ceremonies for career transitions ● Coming of age rituals ● Divorce and re-definition ceremonies ● Ceremonies to mark and integrate peak spiritual experiences ● Women’s circle ceremonies ●


Services include:

  • Custom ceremony design

  • Personalized ceremony script
    *Required in-person meeting prior to wedding day

  • Pre-ceremony guidance and intention-setting sessions